Many Thanks to Anna Parker and the members of the Little Garden Club of Rye in Rye, New York, for having me speak on the adventures of worm farming.


Orchards & Nurseries

There are a wide range of benefits when applying vermicompost and vermicompost tea to horticultural applications. The tea can be incorporated into existing application programs using foliar sprayers or fertigation injectors.

Golf Courses

The use of vermicompost tea in the turf industry is growing rapidly. The tea supplies a good alternative to chemicals that are undergoing rising costs and environmental regulations.


The Egyptians used compost extracts thousands of years ago to fertilize crops and to enhance and build their soil. 21st century gardeners are using some of the same techniques with vermicompost tea for plant fertility, disease suppression, and soil enhancement.

Charles  Darwin
"I doubt that there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world"

Vegetable Mould And Earthworms

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Vermiculture Laboratory

We have a vermiculture laboratory on site at the facility. This allows for immediate analysis of the compost, teas, and examination of plant pathogens. Every lot of compost and tea is examined and given a certificate of analysis before it is sold. This assures a good quality product.

We are a research facility as well as a worm farm so we are always experimenting with different types of food, bedding materials, containerr sizes, etc... to developa better organic product.

We work with greenhouses, golf courses, nurseries, orchards, farms and backyard gardeners to determine individual needs and specific problem areas. We can customize a formula depending on the application.

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